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About Vaastu

Vaastu Shasthra is an ancient building science derived from the vedas. Vedas were not easy for a common man to understand hence saints, sages and divine personalities of ancient times simplified the information from vedas and transferred them to different texts. Vaastu Shasthra was divided into 2 branches based on the application. Divine vaastu and Non-divine vaastu. Divine vaastu is derived from Agama Shasthra a part of the Veda and is applicable for temples. The famous Balaji temple and many holy shrines in India are built perfectly as per Vaastu code. Non-divine vaastu is derived from Stapathya and applied for residential and commercial purposes.
" There are many benefits to Vaastu Shastra. Homes built as per Vaastu Shasthra will have more positive energy and hence can bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity. "

Attributes for an Ideal Home

Direction of the plot

Shape of the plot

Topography, Profile/ Vibration of the plot

Structure -Room, Kitchen & Toilet location

Elements - Ground, Fire, Water, Air, Space, Metal & Wood

Entrance - 32 Zones

Energy - Mind, Body & Home

Zonal balance - 16 sectors

Growth - Wisdom & Wealth

Object placement & Color schemes

9 point grid & Many more....

Elements, Energy & Chakras

Your energy field - Synergy of 5 elements
7 Main Energy points inside your home
7 Energy points (Chakras) in human beings