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About Numerology

Numerology, sometimes known as the science of numbers, is all about numbers, and because of their vibratory bent, numerologists can use them to forecast a person’s destiny. Numerologists believe that numbers have the power to affect both a person’s characteristics and the events in their lives. In general, numerology examines the total sum of the numbers that appear on a person’s birthdate along with the alphabet’s numerological match in their name.
We help people by use numerology to understand their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as to identify auspicious dates for important events such as weddings or business launches etc.

Numerology Numbers

There are nine numbers in all, plus two master numbers, according to numerology science. The total will be large if the birthdate and year are added together. When decreased, all numbers except for 11 and 22 fall between 1 and 9. Each number, from 1 to 9, has a certain meaning and significance.
Additionally, it displays specific characteristics of the person. Go through the numerology numbers. Read more below about the numerology numbers:
Number 1
The Sun, the monarch of all planets, is represented by number 1. As a result, those whose birth dates add up to 1 are super strong and energized. These people naturally possess commanding, aggressive, and determined personalities, making them excellent leaders. They can’t be forced to do anything unless they voluntarily agree to. No of the field of endeavor, they hold the top positions and are frequently the leaders. They may not hesitate to spend money and enjoy life’s conveniences.
Number 2
The Moon is a symbol for the mind. The Moon-ruled Number 2 persons will therefore be creative thinkers. Many of them will be dreamers, and they can achieve great things in any sector if they can turn their thoughts and ideas into original activities. Additionally, these individuals may be reflective, intuitive, idealistic, sentimental, changeable, and sceptical. However, their spiritual tendencies might help people feel stronger inside and point them in the direction of a life with meaning.
Number 3
Jupiter, which stands for knowledge, is represented by the number three. Jupiter rules those with a birth number of 3, and many of them are wise thinkers, philosophers, and kind people. They are uncomplicated individuals who put their work first and are straightforward, sincere, kind, peaceful, and dignified. They are traditionalists who respect elders and place a high priority on self-esteem. Since they are help-givers rather than help-seekers, many of them are active in philanthropic endeavors, volunteer work, and social concerns.
Number 4
The word “extraordinary” aptly suits those with the birth number 4. They are powerful people with forward-thinking ideas who have the conviction to speak out strongly in support of their beliefs and persuade others to share them. However, they could not be very diplomatic and wind up upsetting a lot of people and alienating a lot of people due to their domineering demeanor. They can gain a lot of admirers and friends since they are kind and fair, which are admirable attributes.
Number 5
All people with a birth date of 5 can be extraordinary people because they are all dynamic and intuitive. They are quick to think, quick to grasp, and clever at understanding; they can quickly recognize the nuances of an issue, generate innovative ideas, and put forth answers. They can influence many different facets of society since they are confident and eloquent. They have the power to affect social reforms and far-reaching transformations when influenced positively. However, they can struggle to say “no,” which could sometimes lead to their being taken advantage of.
Number 6
The love of luxury and comfort is equal to the love of beauty for those born under the number 6. Many of them are not afraid to flaunt their wealth, and one can even see some of the men from Number 6 wearing jewelry. They have a certain amount of heart, but it may not always transfer into helping others or showing kindness. They have an artistic temperament, are charming, and adore fame, which can help them become well-known, especially in the fine arts and film. Numerous them are talented performers.
Number 7
People with the birth number 7 will have simple habits and polished tastes. They will typically be reclusive people with a small circle of friends. Some may even be loners. They might suppress their emotions, fret excessively about little matters, and frequently become irritated. While some of them can devote their entire lives to the great arts, others simply disregard it as a waste, which illustrates the oddity in their characteristics. They are powerful in standing up to others and encounter similar opposition in life; as a result, their lives are frequently nothing but struggles.
Number 8
The mental fortitude and clarity of those with the birth number 8 are extraordinary. They may still be mired in thought frequently. Many people have a propensity to run into significant issues throughout their life, which can undermine their confidence and fill their heads with unceasing anxieties. They can be thrifty and lonesome while being well-balanced. While people who are being positively influenced may have virtues like justice, compassion, and an artistic temperament, others may be egotistical opportunists with immoral motives.
Number 9
The most distinctive characteristic of those born under the number 9 is their spirit of resistance. They will have a strong desire to work hard and be successful in everything they set out to do in life. They may engage in a struggle that is mental, psychological, verbal, or even violent, but they will not give up easily. Many of them end up in the military or police to give their natural tendencies wings because they are not peace-lovers per se and have nationalistic feelings. They may be cunning and diplomatic, though, and will accept a compromise if it serves their own interests.