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Just wanted to reassure all of you out there who have yet to visit Krishna Tantry for his expertise...I highly recommend his services they are great! His Vaastu audit to our home had revealed many things. This no hoax, he is for real!!! I have experienced some great results and am very happy and continue to seek his advice on a few issues including homebuying.
Nikki Thind
The Vaastu knowledge & experience that he brings to the table is a desirable match that any buyer looking for a complete package with the right property to suit their housing & astrological needs at its best. From recognizing my requirements (must haves, nice to haves to would be wonderful to have) for a suitable place to invest & thereafter live was the foremost thing that Mr. Krishna did.
He was very professional & effective in his dealings & was able to strike a good deal with the builder when compared to other similar properties on the market. I am very satisfied with his approach & results with my real estate buy. I would highly recommend Mr. Krishna Tantry to all my friends & family for all their real estate needs as it has been a truly satisfying & a positive experience.
I have known Mr. Krishna Tantry since 2001 just after he had come to Canada. My first meeting with him was a professional one as he was an Engineer in a large corporation. His knowledge and professionalism turned me to respect him. When he added real estate marketing to his portfolio, I noticed that he was bringing the same sort of professionalism and engineering precision to this field also for which he is known in his other job.
Even though I knew a lot of people in real estate being here 20 years, when I needed to buy a new home to upgrade, who else but Krishna was the only one qualified enough to meet the demands of my family.
While looking for a house for me he would first consider it from the angle of Vaastu shasthra and astrology. He himself would reject a house, so that finally what I got to see was not a house, but a home and I must say it was a very pleasant experience and to date I cannot think of a single reason to complain. Keep up the good work Krishna. God bless you!!!!!
I met Krishna Tantry in the year 2003 when he was not a Real estate agent. I was going through financial turbulence after I moved into a new home. I lost $40,000 in 2 months. He visited my place, did astrological analysis and Vaastu audit. He suggested me to sell the property. Trust me without a second thought, I sold my property. My belief in astrology and Vaastu increased after the relief I got from his advice.
I bought another property through his advice and now I am doing exceptionally well. I have become a broker from a Real estate agent. He is like my big brother.
My sisters and our whole family take his advice. His skills, knowledge is helpful to people and to compliment to his knowledge. I suggested him to get into Real Estate and now he is providing the homes as per astrology and Vaastu. He is creating good impact in people’s life. Our whole family had experienced the difference. I have met his father who is a great personality and a famous astrologer. He is helping people in India. Krishna's whole family and generation are helping people. I suggest everybody to benefit from his services. He is unique in North America. I take consultation from him regularly and will continue to do so. As a fellow real estate agent. I am proud of his services; through his advice you can buy a home. Good luck brother...
Shekhar Kamboj
I met Krishna Tantry through one of my Real Estate colleagues. He came just in time when I had difficulty selling my home. My place was difficult to sell as there was lot of units in the market for a longer time. I asked for some remedies, and he analyzed my home vibrations and suggested some remedies.
I implemented the remedies as per his advice and the miracle happened. I sold it one week later. I feel I can trust him and look for his guidance. He is also helping me to purchase a home as per Vaastu advice. He seems to be very good in what he does. He has helped many real estate agents like me.
Kim Fraser
Mr. Krishna Tantry is not only professionally qualified as an Engineer on the academic side but is also well versed with knowledge of astrology based on astronomy, Numerology, Vaastu etc. and analyses all issues in a very scientific manner.
In my opinion goddess Saraswathi has showered her full blessings on Mr.Krishna as he is endowed with wealth of knowledge and his intuitions a rare gift that he utilizes for constructive purposes by providing solutions to mankind by trying to alleviate their problems. A Real estate agent with knowledge of Vaastu and astrology is a definite asset and is a plus for any customer who deals with him. I know Mr. Krishna for the last five years and can say without a second guess that he is an honourable and trustworthy person. I wish him all the very best in his all endeavours.
We have no hesitation in recommending Krishna Tantry as the realtor of choice. A realtor, with your best interests at heart throughout the entire search, purchase and closing process.
The entire family appreciated his knowledge of the market and financial savvy in his negotiations during the closing process. He provided us great guidance, insight and Vaastu advice while narrowing down our search. Our search, offer, inspections and closing were 100% smooth with no issues. It was a pleasure to have Krishna Tantry representing us as our realtor.
Veena & Prakash
Do not be impressed by number of followers, degrees and titles. Be impressed by kindness, integrity, humility and generosity, Krishna Ji has those qualities. Krishan Ji is highly respected, recognized, and renowned in the field of Vaastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology and being a lifelong learner, he continues to improvise and expand his horizons in related fields. He is very thorough in the work he does and a professional who uses his innate spirituality combined with the science of Vaastu to create harmony within living and working spaces, to enhance the quality of living and the working environment.
I am grateful for his friendship, and I highly recommend him for guidance and directional support.
Mandeep Johar
Krishna provided me with great guidance and advices through his many astrology talents. He assisted in navigating through many life events and challenges. He is a caring and hardworking professional with strong ethics. A true friend who always offer help and assistance
Winson Chan
VP Tridel corporation

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