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Destiny vs Freewill
Dream or Desire – Failure to Fulfillment
                                                              Profession-Position-Possession                                                                                                                                               Pain-Gain-Peace                                                                             Re-Engineer yourself: Know Your Destiny & Map Your Life path

Life Path Grid

Package A @ Macro level

  • Astro Chart Analysis
  • Karmic Debts & Challenges
  • Root Cause & Gross Effect
  • Limits & Options
  • Domain Mapping*:  Education, Career, Finance, Family & Health 
  • Solutions: Astral, Gemstone, Vedic Remedies

Requirements: Date, Place & Time of birth.                                              Energy Exchange: $300.00 per person. Special package for families.          *Conditions apply.

Package B (includes Package A): @ Micro level

  • Astro Chart Analysis 
  • Karmic Debts & Challenges
  • Root Cause & Gross Effect
  • Limits & Options
  • PCA, Matrix & Life path
  • Domain Mapping*:  Education/Career, Business/Service, Wealth/Investment, Relationship/Children, Health/Healing, etc
  • Solutions:   Astral, Aural, Space, Numerology & Tantra            Special Healing sessions /Rituals for the adverse @ additional cost.

Requirements: Date, Place, Time of birth, Palm print.

Energy Exchange: $500.00 per person. Special package for families.          *Conditions apply.

Note: Staying satisfied should not come out of limitations. 

Astro Vaastu

Comprehensive Astro Vaastu Recommendations.

Requirements: Owners birth detail, Plan, Video Problem/Concerns

Energy Exchange (Consul): Condo/Freehold Homes $797.00/$1976.00    Custom prices for Commercial & Homes above 4000 sqft            Conditions apply. Product cost is additional.                                        Note: Consult only if you notice frequent health Issues, career/finance  instability, accidents, depression, unknown fear, bad relationship etc,        Little issues are very normal in life.                                                            Being Proactive is good but being Paranoid is abnormal.

“Vaastu Tantre Mahatantre Shiva Shakti Samodhaye”                             Vedic traditions have always given out of the box solutions.

Home Buyer Service

Life Path Grid & Astro Vaastu  package                                                    Proactively pick right house as per your grid (Prevention vs Cure)

Comprehensive Astro Vaastu Recommendations/Solutions & activation.  Convert House to a Home (Place of Prosperity & Shield of Security)

Energy Exchange: Waived for Home Buyers                          Requirements: Date, Place, Time of birth, (Palm Print) & Plan/Video        Conditions apply.  Special remedies may be required after occupancy  in some cases.    

Note: Exclusive package for my home buyer clients with 10/7 support.


Multi Millionaire/Astro Mentoring

A multi disciplinary approach utilizing your horoscope strengths and timing them with the best opportunities available at that moment in the marketplace. These services are offered on a continual basis only for vital few who had followed my earlier recommendations in their asset building journey with me.

Result: Multiple Income stream in 6 digits with Multimillionaire dollar status.  Client’s have achieved ex: $4 Million NAV with $400-450k investment in12.5 yrs.

*Not for everybody. Conditions apply. Diligence/Qualification required.   

Karma alone can’t give you a noticeable growth in all life domains. Astrology is a GPS tool to check, manifest the attributes strongly if, when & where applicable. 

 Check for my  Video Testimonials ( coming soon..)                    


 “Transformation is the essence of life-Embrace it”

All net proceeds from these services are donated to various religious, educational, and welfare charities.

I thank the Supreme & all other Gods, Spiritual Masters/ Gurus, Forefathers, Parents & Well wishers for gracing me with an opportunity to serve the cosmos.